Ramanath Baruah

The Great pleasure to welcome you all to the official website of Nalbari Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd. This website is intended to allow our shareholders, customers, well-wishers and other interested persons access to detailed information regarding the history and status of the Bank, the various activities performed by the Bank, deposit and loan schemes, rates of interest paid on deposits and charged on loans, and other information from time to time. While launching this website, I gratefully remember the pains taken by Lok Sevak Prabhat Narayan Chouanury. A frontrunner in the co-operative movement of Assam, in organizing a few trusted and enlightened persons of the then Naibari District into a dedicated team to propagate the spirit of co- operation and to initiate the setting up of a urban co-operative bank at Nalbari. After being registered as a co-operative society by the Co-operation Department of the Govemment of Assam vide Registration No.N1/1990-91 dated 25-05-1990, and after Satisfying the stipulated regarding the number of members and the amount of paid up share capital, Lok Sevak Choudhury , as the President of the Preparatory Committee, moved the Reserve Bank of India for grant of a banking license for the said co-operative Society. After receipt of banking License No. UBD/As. 1040 dated 10-05-1991, necessary infrastructure was build and Nalbari Urban CO-operative Bank Ltd. commenced banking activity on T1-09-1991 in a room beside the LNB Road, Nalbari, offered by Sri Munundra Narayan Choudhury for a nominal amount of rent. As the founder Chairman of the Bank, Sri Choudhury gave a definite direction to ensure the Bank's professional functioning and democratic management which has till now served the Bank as a solid bedrock. In course of time the bank grew from strength to strength and shifted its business to a spacious premises on the first floor of the Choudhury Market owned by Sri Munindra Narayan Choudhury on the LNB Road, Nalbari. Subsequently, in 2009 and 2013 the said premises and the ground floor along with rooms, etc., were purchased by the Bank. Since then, the Bank has been extending Banking Services from its own premises, Successive Chairmen and Boards of management respectfully remember LOK Sevak Choudhury as a patriarch.
Over the years the Bank has scaled enlightening heights in various parameters due to effective co-operation of its shareholders and customers on the one hand and the dedicated service of its entire workforce on the other. The trust and Confidence reposed in this Bank by the society at large has also helped it in maintaining its growth momentum.
I extend my heartiest thanks to all those who have extended their wish and might for the growth and development or the Bank.